Core Business

Our core activity is to act as a "one-stop" agricultural solutions provider focusing on the development, manufacturing and marketing of agricultural products and services based on agro-technology. We position ourselves as an agricultural yield enhancement specialist providing solutions on operational viability and growth enhancement technologies, which are cost-effective and efficient, to plantation owners.

All our products, particularly VITEX and Nutreeno has been well received by local as well as foreign markets. It has enabled us to achieve greater heights and to gain respected reputation by industry experts. We also deal with the importation and marketing of agrochemical such Muriate of Potash and Urea, Our products are targeted towards wholesalers, dealers, major growers and plantation companies. We are aligned with a number of manufacturers and suppliers around the world with an excellent reputation.

Nutreeno - Nutrients for Fruit Trees

We are proud to introduce Nutreeno™, a special nutrient in a liquid form that provides optimum level of nutrition through its formulation and delivery system. Our delivery system (direct infusion) ensures right amount of nutrients are absorbed by the tree and prevents the traditional fertilizer’s detrimental and oxidation effects.

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Vitex - Vitamins for Rubber Tree

Decades of Extensive Scientific Research and Development has resulted in a breakthrough invention of VITEX. A new breakthrough formulation that is turning around natural rubber business by significantly increasing the latex yield and is a leader in rejuvenating rubber trees.

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Featured Products

Urea - Traditional Fertilizers

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Potash (MOP) - Traditional Fertilizers

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