We are proud to introduce Nutreeno™, a special nutrient in a liquid form that provides optimum level of nutrition through its formulation and delivery system. Our delivery system (direct infusion) ensures right amount of nutrients are absorbed by the tree and prevents the traditional fertilizer’s detrimental and oxidation effects.

Nutreeno is based on scientific findings of studies in plant nutrition and agricultural fertilizer systems. Nutreeno™ ensures the plant is able to absorb the nutrients resulting in higher yield of fruits.

Nutreeno™ is a specially formulated liquid nutrient that helps to improve the nutrient retention. As a result, Nutreeno helps in growing stronger plants with higher rate of flowering and fruit setting. Fruits are bigger, sweeter and juicier. Effects are enhanced if used as per the instructions and at regular intervals as recommended.

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Transfusion System of liquid Nutrient for Fruit Trees:

Since the inception of small and large scale plantations all over the world, up till now all fertilizers have been applied to trees by traditional way of broadcast on the surface of the soil by hand.

This method of applying fertilizer is effective only for paddy fields, tea estates, vegetable cultivation and ornamental plants. Since all these plants are not deep rooted, the fertilizers will be absorbed easily by these plants and they grow / produce faster, better.

For fruit trees such as Oil Palm, Coconut, Date, Olives, Coffee, Cocoa, Mango, Orange and other fruit trees, fertilizers don’t produce effective results because they are not able to reach roots which are deep inside the ground. Therefore fertilizers sprinkled on the surface of the soil in such deep rooted plantations become useless and waste. Instead, fertilizers spread on the surface tend to contribute to make the undergrowth grow faster than making the trees healthier and productive. In addition, such growths lead to incurring of additional weeding cost.

By looking at this problem, our Research Laboratories have developed Nutreeno™ transfusion system of liquid Nutrient for all fruit trees. We have taken every care to develop the unique formula to provide maximum complete nutrition for the trees to promote their health, growth and produce better & faster.

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