Vitex Miracle That Increases Yield

Vitex increases the production of latex easily by 50%. This is a very conservative estimate. Results have shown that the maximum increase in latex output can range between 300%-400%. This means, if your latex production is 1000 Kg a month, after the application of VITEX, the rubber production will increase by at least 500 Kg (+50%) that amounts to 1500 Kg monthly.Documented test results show, the increase is not around 500 Kg but much more. The second month, the increase was 1300 Kg (+130%) summing up to a substantial 2300 Kg a month. Before Vitex application, based on estimated latex tapping per tree per day is about a minimum of 300 gm. After using Vitex, an increase in latex production is noticed, up to 1200 gm (+300%) per day per tree.

Vitex Miracle That Cures and Prevents Bark Dryness

Bacterial, fungal infection and use of bad chemicals on trees, generally cause premature bark dryness. To date, there is no cure or prevention of bark dryness of rubber trees. Vitex is the only invention that is specially formulated to cure bark dryness as well as to increase yield. Recorded test comparison of Vitex has shown substantial improvement in bark dryness. In about a 2-3 month period, Vitex gradually cures the dryness and prevents further occurrence of bark dryness.

Vitex Miracle That Enhances Dry Rubber Content

Latex production using VITEX has shown substantial increase in latex production, more than stimulants. The results show the DRC increases to a maximum of 38% or at least remains the same.

Vitex Miracle That Brings Life Back On Non-Productive Trees

Vitex has shown effectiveness in bringing back life in non-productive rubber trees. Documented evidences clearly indicate Vitex has brought life back to dying trees. Vitex treats and rejuvenates the bark. Testimonials from many customers from various locations has substantiated and given strong support to this claim.

Vitex Miracle That is Environmental Friendly, Cost Effective and Safe

VITEX is environmental friendly. VITEX is safe to use and it does not cause any damage, in any manner in normal use if handle with proper care. Any accidental contact with human skin can be washed normally and it doesn’t have any side effects. It is economical and cost effective as it has proven to double Plantation owner’s income at a minimum cost.

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