frequently asked questions

  • What is Nutreeno™?

Nutreeno™ is a specially formulated Liquid nutrient, which is uniquely formulated to provide complete nutrition to the trees. With a unique delivery system, it is a cost effective nutrient that helps retain and increase the fruit yield.

  • Why Should Nutreeno™ be used?

Nutreeno™ helps in higher rate of flowering in plants / trees, thus improving the fruit quality. Fruits are bigger, sweeter and juicier. Effects are enhanced if used as per the instructions and at regular intervals as recommended.

  • How Does Nutreeno™ Work?

The unique advantage (see Step by Step Procedure below) of this method is its high effectiveness as it has no contact to the soil to leach out (wash out) particularly in rainy days. Due to the intravenous action, the tree will absorb the Nutreeno very fast compared to the traditional application method and it will prevent oxidation.

  • On what type of crops or plantations, Nutreeno™ can be used?

Deep rooted plants and fruit trees such as Oil Palm, Date trees, Coconut, Cocoa, Mango, Guava, Apple, Oranges etc.

  • What disease will be cured by Nutreeno™?

Our product works fast and directly into the tree/plant thereby fixing the symptoms due to K deficiency resulting in a healthier looking tree/plant.

  • Do we need to dilute Nutreeno™ with water?

No. Use Nutreeno as directed

  • Do we need to mix any other ingredients with water?

Nutreeno™ is mixed only with water on 1:1 ratio. No other solution should be used.

  • Will Nutreeno™ hurt my tree?


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